Blood in Urine – No Pain

When blood gets into the urine, it takes two forms to be identified. The blood can be present in urine but a person may not be able to notice any change in blood color. This means that the concentration of the red blood cells is low and although this may not indicate a serious healthy concern, on the other hand, there are health conditions, which can be identified through blood in urine no pain condition. When there is no pain but there is blood in the urine seen through the naked eye or from a microscopic examination, this does not mean there is no healthy complication.

There are health conditions which have been associated with the presence of blood that is not accompanied by pain. There are infections in the body such as bladder infections, kidney infections and urinary tract infections, which manifest with pain and burning sensation accompanied by the presence of red blood cells. These can be treated with use of antibiotics and other medications.

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However, when there is no pain and you have noticed blood in your urine either by your eyes or through an examination with a microscopic device, there is need to undergo further examination to determine why the blood could be getting in contact with urine. Normally, kidneys do not allow blood to mix with urine and when this occurs, there is a problem. Kidney stones are some of the conditions that can cause presence of blood in urine without any pain being exhibited. This can be visible or not visible with the human eye except through a microscopic examination.

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Nonetheless, there are cases when kidney stones become painful especially when they cause blockage or they are being passed out. In this case, they are likely to be very painful causing discomfort. Another condition which is associated with blood in urine but with no pain is cancer of the bladder, kidney or prostate. This is one of the serious conditions, which may be detected through examination of the presence of blood in urine.

When the cancerous growth is in its early stages, it may not show any signs. There may also be no blood detected. However, as the cancer spreads and grows, this begins to be a problem. If no blood is seen on the urine through the naked eyes, it may not probably be discovered that you are suffering from cancer growth until it has advanced to critical levels. This is usually so because at these initial stages, cancer is silent and hidden in the body and you do not get any pain.

It is only when it has advanced to serious levels that it begins to be painful. What this means is that blood in urine no pain condition can be very dangerous because a person may not be able to know that is suffering from some of these killer diseases like cancer. If cancer is detected at early stages, it may be cured or managed before it gets to the advanced irrevocable stages. In essence, blood in urine can help signal health complications in the body, which may not even have been detected.

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